Yamuna Puja at Magh Purnima

Yamuna Puja at Magh Purnima

The Yamuna is a holy RIVER of awesome otherworldly criticalness and is incredibly adored by Hindus the whole way across the world. The holy River Yamuna is a natural indication of Goddess Yami, the sister of Yama and the girl of lord Surya. It is related with Lord Krishna who lived in BrajBhoomi where the holy River goes through. God Krishna spent his adolescence on the banks of waterway Yamuna with his sibling Balarama and the Gopis. The Yamunotri or the wellspring of Yamuna is one of these blessed areas which is likewise one of the Char Dhams of Uttarakhand including Kedarnath, Badrinath and Gangotri.

Yamuna Puja at Magh Purnima

Significance of the Yamuna Puja at Magh Purnima –

  1. The love of Devi Yamuna is a standout amongst the most critical functions in Hinduism. Showering in or offering love to Devi Yamuna can cure maladies, wash away one’s transgressions and enable them to pick up salvation or Moksha.
  2. Lovers increase extreme mental peace and awesome profound and material joy by taking plunges in the waters of this sacred waterway. Offering love to it illuminates one’s spirit and conveys congruous bliss to their lives.
  3. Yamuna Pooja at maghpurnima encourages the fans to increase mental and profound peace, it conveys joy and bliss to their lives. The custom is a decent approach to look for peace for those experiencing different inconveniences.

The Benefits of Yamuna Puja at the Magh Purnima –

  1. Brings the perfect effortlessness of Lord Krishna in one’s life
  2. It refines the souls of enthusiasts.
  3. Cures ailments and infirmities and enhances their natural lives.
  4. Washes away the transgressions of enthusiasts and offers peace to the souls of their predecessors.
  5. Encourages one accomplish the Moksha or freedom of the spirit.

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