What is Yoga?


Yoga is the science which keeps a human body, in its perfect harmony be it body, mind, or emotional state, to many who thinks yoga is just about the stretch, let know it’s the food for your soul, it encourages and develop a person’s insight, an internal perception about one’s true potential.

YogaThe scientists of today and of coming future are more focused on the outlook in the universe, but what we must need to realize, that at first, we need to understand our own body, it’s just not all about flesh and bones but beyond it, our body in itself is a universe and mind is the source which we must utilize to explore this expedition, there is a proverb in ancient India, “that your body is a chariot, brain is the charioteer and your desires our the horses which run it”.

One must be in full control of this always, to have a balanced life, with yoga you can find most of the answers which modern science cannot be it medicinal, mental and physical, there are cases in which even cancer have been cured, paralysis been cured by practicing yoga.

Yoga was much more dominant in ancient times then today, many people saw it as a way to attain Moksha, and been a student for their whole life, many great sages gave their success credit to you, even Lord Krishna is considered yogi, lord Shiva has been called the first yogi, yoga reached the neighbor countries like Burma, Indonesia etc. The influence yoga was spread to different religions as well such as Buddhism.

Types of Yoga

Yoga has enormous benefits, mostly in today’s time it is used to cure the ailment of all types, but benefits of it are of greater extent, meditation is a part of it which focus on increasing concentration, to keep your body completely fit and enjoy life at its full potential.

There are different forms of yoga practices which got developed with time such as:

Hatha Yoga

Many mistakes the hatha yoga, as a form of yoga to twist and turn only, but this is an entirely false perception, to understand hatha , one must first understand the body itself, your body is the largest section of your being, so it becomes even more important to understand it and it’s just not about parts of it, your body becomes what you make of it, have you seen a person who loves to run early mornings but you cannot, have seen a person with a lot of stamina, looks fit, have charm on their face but you have not, ever wonder why one person feels tired throughout the day and other one bursting with energy. Your body becomes what you make of it, hatha yoga is the concentrates on your body and there different types of asana that can help you to control your body in the way you want.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is form, where a support system is used to get asana properly, such as wooden blocks, and other sorts of props and mats it was developed by B.K.S Iyengar. This form of yoga is beneficial for those who find it difficult to do difficult asanas.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini practice focus on the energy carts in your body which we commonly called the energy chakras, it is believed in this form that there are seven energy chakras in your body, which when awakened, you experience an evolution of human potential, practitioners believe that these chakras lies in the bottom of the spine like a sleeping snake, who is just waiting to awaken to attain pure consciousness.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga was first found and introduced by a rishi named Vaman, it focuses on different limbic postured such as, pranayama, dhyana or meditation, pratyahara, dharana, Samadhi. In modern India it is re-introduced by Pattabhi Jois, this is a yoga which focuses more on the meditative state but is very beneficial to cure many ailments.