What is Spirituality?



We human beings are perishable in nature. We all have an expiry date called death when the human body of ours stops functioning. But, is it really the end of us? The answer is ‘no’. We are not just a body; we are the person retained from our souls.

SpiritualityAnd the souls are imperishable in nature. For souls, death is an expiry date of one body to enter some other body. That is the reason, even after deaths we are not free of evil and good deeds we do.

These deeds are latched on to our souls. Thus, the biggest voice that can show us the best path is right within us. We just need to learn and understand how to connect and listen to it, because it will always show us the optimum path of our welfare.

Technical Definition

God himself resides in each one of us in the form of a soul that is a small part of him. It is the ‘real’ person within that calls out to you time and again. It guides you towards good, deva’s you from the evil, and even understands the energies and environments you encounter. You may even call it the ‘sixth sense’ or ‘intuition’.

Our human bodies are the epitome of God’s excellent design techniques. If he has given us the pain of hurt, he has also given us the powers to heal, if he has made us to make mistakes, he has given us an inner voice that points out these mistakes beforehand. We only require connecting with this inner voice of ours. This is called spirituality.

Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality is different from religion. As religion is a sect of people worshipping similar God and following similar traditions, spirituality means a quest to find inner peace and tranquility achieved in being one with the Almighty himself in the form of our souls.

Spirituality may be practiced by people from any religion. There are various methods that are undertaken to achieve this feeling of inner contentment and tranquility:

  • Deprivation and diminishment of ego-centric activities like fasting, donations, etc.
  • Meditation
  • Community-centric activities and obedience
  • Spiritual intending activities like prayers, yoga, mindfulness, concentration for mental wellbeing.

Spirituality is more of an individualistic concept that intends to develop practices meant to connect with the inner soul and peace with others all around.