Vivah Puja Kit

vivah puja kit

Vivah Puja is viewed as exceptionally fundamental for a deferential and upbeat wedded life. In the present quick paced life, we scarcely get enough time to orchestrate everything inside no time.

There are a considerable measure of thing to do in Vivah and we never wish to miss any sorts of things. We are here to comprehend you Vivah Pujan Samagrim related issue. No compelling reason to go anyplace else as Vivah Puja pack is accessible at sensible cost.

vivah puja kit

Vivah Pujan Samagrim Kit 

Vivah has dependably been unique for the lady of the hour and prep. In the event that there is a Vivah in your home that mean you should all set to deal with a considerable measure of undertakings. What’s more, in this awesome hustle-clamor, it turns into a smidgen extreme to orchestrate Vivah Pujan Samagrim yet now there is an answer called Vivah Puja Kit.

It has been set up subsequent to considering our accomplished minister who has been done various Vivah puja. A wide range of fundamental Pujan Samagrim have been said in this unit. All the material is holy and quality based. According to your benefit, the material accessible in this pack can be altered.

Vivah Puja Kit Items 

We should observe what is being conveyed in this exceptional Vivah Puja Kit. Let’s it out check.

  1. Lagan Samagrim Packet,
  2. Ghee,
  3. Chawla,
  4. Supari,
  5. Maule,
  6. Rui,
  7. Aggarbattis,
  8. Milk,
  9. Yogurt,
  10. Honey,
  11. Sugar,
  12. Flower,
  13. Fruits Of 5 Varieties,
  14. Sweets,
  15. Betel Leaves,
  16. Nariyal,
  17. Alumnus Thwart,
  18. Red Material,
  19. Idol Of Ganesh Ji,
  20. Thali-05,
  21. Katori-05,
  22. Spoon-02,
  23. Lota-01,
  24. Glass – 01,
  25. Jay Mala,
  26. New Red Cloth,
  27. Mangal Sutra,
  28. Roli

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