Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

In Sanskrit Dashavataar means ten aspects; “Vishnu Dashavataar” means ten aspects of Lord Vishnu. The Vishnu Dashavataar Puja is all about to worship ten aspects of Lord Vishnu. Let’s know what is all about the Vishnu Dashavataar Puja.

About The Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

The Vishnu Dashavataar Puja belongs to Lord Vishnu but revolves around the ten aspects of Lord Vishnu. Worshipping all ten aspects of Lord Vishnu brings prosperity and happiness.

Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

The Vishnu Dashavataar is a group of ten Lords

  1. Matsya (As the Fish),
  2. Kurma (As the Tortoise),
  3. Varaha (As the Boar),
  4. Narasimha (As the Man-Lion),
  5. Vamana (The Dwarf),
  6. Parashurama (Known as Angry Man),
  7. Raam (Known as Perfect Man, King of Ayodhya),
  8. Krishna (Known as Gobind and Kanha),
  9. Venkatesha and
  10. Kalki (he will take birth in Kali Yuga), secondary manifestations of Shri-Vishnu.

The Vishnu Dashavataar Puja helps to achieve all the form of wealth, health, well-being, success, prosperity, achievement, Riddhi, and Siddhi.

And that’s why Vishnu Dashavataar Puja is believed very beneficial. This special Puja is performed especially on Poornima. Apart from it, Vishnu Dashavataar Puja is performed on Ekadashi Tithi.

Benefits to Perform Vishnu Dashavataar Puja

In this section benefits to performing Vishnu Dashavataar Puja are being described below:

  1. The Vishnu Dashavataar Puja holds great significance.
  2. This Puja is very beneficial in order to take the blessings of Lord Vishnu and he is considered the deity who blesses their devotees with wealth, prosperity, Good health, Knowledge, Strength, Progeny, Power and good fortune. And that’s why this Puja is considered very special Puja.
  3. Worshipping Lord Vishnu helps row reduce obstacles and brings success to your life. For the happiness of the family, this Puja is considered very-very special Puja. 

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