Vastu Puja Kit

gauri puja kit

Vastu Puja Kit contains all the basic things required to direct the Vastu Pooja. Lord Vastu Pooja invalidates all Vastu absconds, evacuate negative, harmful and malefic energies and fit the Panch-Tatva.

Advantages of directing the Vastu Pooja incorporate congruity, great wellbeing, thriving and wealth in the house and office. It is the best of all Vastu solutions for wellbeing, riches, peace and success.

vastu puja kit

Lord Vastu is an innovative, dynamic and logical Vedic arrangement of Architecture to configuration working of a tower, chateau or a house created by the old sages to guarantee favourable luck, peace, flourishing, innovativeness, wellbeing, satisfaction and concordance for the occupants.

It enhances otherworldly and material life, imagination, knowledge, the wellbeing, longitivity of life, the relationship among the inhabitants. It expels negative energies or sick impacts coming about because of unpropitious area or headings of rooms. It likewise evacuates sick impacts of a business premises and pulls in more business.

Vastu Puja Kit Items

Vastu Puja Kit contains all the basic things required to direct the Vastu Puja.

  1. Kalash
  2. Nariyal
  3. Navgraha Sticks
  4. Havan Samida Sticks
  5. Havan Samagri
  6. Navgraha Diya
  7. Navadhanya,
  8. Black Sesame,
  9. Jow And Yellow Mustard Seeds
  10. Vastu Dabbi
  11. Incorporates Surya Pratima,
  12. Vastu Pratima,
  13. Panchratna,
  14. Shalaka
  15. Vastu Purush Icon Pooja
  16. Chandan Paste,
  17. Ashtagandha Glue,
  18. Gulal,
  19. Abir,
  20. Haldi,
  21. Hanumani Sindur,
  22. Kumkum
  23. Honey
  24. Kapur
  25. Agarbatti
  26. Akshati
  27. Attar
  28. Ghee Diya
  29. Holy Water
  30. Rosewater,
  31. Gangajal
  32. Gomutra
  33. Dhoop Sticks
  34. Dryfruits
  35. Mishri
  36. Cotton Wicks
  37. Long
  38. Betel Nuts Packet
  39. Khopra
  40. Dry Coconut
  41. Moly And Janayu
  42. Supari,
  43. Elaichi,
  44. Lavang
  45. Oati
  46. Artificial Dhruv Grass Haldi

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