Vashikaran Yantra


Vashikaran Yantra is used for attracting someone or for bringing someone under your control or into your life. If someone worships this Yantra with single-minded purpose and with strong devotion then it works like a miracle and the result starts to come from the first day. But this Yantra should not be used with ill intentions.


Types of Vashikaran Yantra:

There are two types of Vashikaran Yantra, Sarvjan Yantra and Aakarshan Yantra.

1. Sarvjan Yantra: This Yantra is specifically used to attract, influence and impress anyone who comes in contact in day to day life. And it can be placed in home or in office or one can carry it in pocket or in wallet.

2. Aakarshan Yantra: This Yantra has been used to attract some one and to bring that person into your life.

How to Worship Vashikaran Yantra?

• First clean your body and hand
• Clean mind from any negative thought and create a positive frame of mind
• Make sure you are facing east direction while worshipping
• Light diyas in front of Yantra
• Keep some fresh flowers and fruits in front of the Yantra
• Take some holy water with any leaf and sprinkle it on you and Yantra
• Purify your soul and completely concentrate on your purpose
• Chant Vashikaran Beej mantra for 21 times in any language you know
• Close your eyes and sincerely ask your Yantra to fulfill your heartfelt desires

Beej Mantra:

|| Om Lakeem Lakeem (Purpose or name of the person) Mum Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

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