Tantra is a spiritual practice that originated in ancient India, it is a spiritual science which is greatly mistaken as a science of bad vibrations but this is not the truth about it. Tantra is a gift to mankind to attain supreme spirituality and to resolve problems of life, be it physical, mental or emotional.

The science of tantra was first found in the holy Vedas, the main practice of it can be found in Atharva Veda. The very word tantra consists of two words “tatva” which means the study of cosmology and “mantra” which means the holy chants and vibrations which connects us with the supreme and nature.


The followers of tantra mainly worship lord shiva and goddess kali, even the west today is realizing the importance of tantra and many healing centers are found to help.

 Mainly today tantra is being used to improve relationship problems between couples; to improve their intimacy and sexual experiences but this is not it’s all about. Tantra is used for experiencing spiritual height.

There are three types of tantric rituals that are practiced which are based on nature, which are called Satva, Rajas and Tamas. The satva practice is done to get good benefits and for good purpose of others and those who seek help.

While rajas practice is also commonly known as Madhyam tantra which is used to get the result of mixed effects, while tamas is the practice to do most unclean and impure form of tantra, mainly to do something wrong on others, one should be very careful regarding this form of tantra.

Benefits of Tantra

  1. Tantric ritual s can help you recover from many health problems.
  2. Tantra can improve your sexual intimacy experience with your partner.
  3. Tantra can keep you to be safe from negative energy around you.
  4. Tantra can protect you from harmful intentions of your enemies.
  5. Tantra can help you to attain that spiritual supremacy which all human being long for.

Tantra is a not all about bad effects only, but there is a complete science related to it, being a tantra practitioner and follower is completely safe.