Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

Swarn Kanchan sindoor is very auspicious sindoor and it is the combination of 7 God and Goddess Sindoor and tilak.

Swarn Kanchan Sindoor contains these God and Goddess Sindoor, Kumkum and Tilak:

  1. Maa Kamakhya Sindoor (Reddish Color),
  2. Maa Baglamukhi Sindoor (Yellow Color),
  3. Hanumani Sindoor (Sindoori Color),
  4. Vaishno Devi Sindoor (Red Color),
  5. Lord Shiva Bhasm (White and Brown Color),
  6. Maa Lakshmi Kumkum (Red Color),
  7. Maa Kali Tilak Sindoor (Reddish)
Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

Benefits of Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

There are following benefits of Swarn Kanchan Sindoor:

  • It is very auspicious sindoor because it has 7th God and Goddess Blessing.
  • If you want miracle result in business, finance, health and relationship problems then, must use this sindoor.
  • This Sindoor result never fails; it strongly gives the desired result.
  • If you use this Sindoor at auspicious muhurat then your all desire will be fulfilled.

Uses of Swarn Kanchan Sindoor

There are lots of uses of Swarn Kanchan Sindoor, you will never get this sindoor anywhere because this Sindoor is created by the Aghori Sadhu’s of Kamakhya, Baglamukhi, and Lord Shiva temples.

So if you are not getting whatever you want in this life then must use this Swarn Kanchan Sindoor.

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