Surya Puja at Surya Grahan

Surya Puja at Surya Grahan

God SURYA is one of the most revered gods of Hinduism and is a Navagraha that affects life on earth. Mani ruby that is considered to be the life-giving of the whole universe. The SURYA is the only God with the moon which we can see every day. It is important for our survival and gives us heat, light and energy; it is sometimes present in the evergreen sky and is respected by all the religions of the world. There is a number of remarkable benefits in a favourable SURYA in someone’s horoscope.SURYA worship can be done at Surya Grahan to get the blessings of SURYA God and to ensure a positive, prosperous life.

Surya Puja at Surya Grahan


Let us look at the necessary things and rituals for SURYA worship at Surya Grahan –

Essential Items for Surya Puja Worship at Surya Grahan –

1. Usually the necessary items include coconut, betal leaves, fruits, ghee, prasad, dessert and havankund material etc.

2. For this worship at home, the SURYA instrument, red thread or mouni, Kumkum, Ganesh and Lakshmi statues and Rudraksha Malal are also necessary.

3. Food and charity for worshiping the Brahmin priest.

4. Cloth given to Brahmins at the end of pooja donation or worship

Ritual of Surya Puja at Surya Grahan –

1. To clean the mind, body and soul, bathing

2. Worship of Lord Ganesha

3. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra

4. Resolve and ask for the blessings of God SURYA God.

5. Fast throughout the day.

6. Puja ends with Bone Siddhi Pooja and Naivedya and Southern festivals

Benefits of Surya Worship at Surya Grahan –

1. Creates a Rich and Financially Successful

2. Removes obstacles in personal and professional life

3. Reduces the negative effects of planet defects.

4. Family life becomes more harmonious

5. Improve communication skills that are in good business results

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