Significance of Kartikey Puja and Mantra Benefits

Kartikey Puja

Lord Kartikey, who God of war, is the renowned name in the Hindu Religion. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. As per mythology, Lord Kartikey is also known as another name like Skanda, Guha, Murugan and Subramaniam. Besides it, Kartikey is also called Sanmukha hold six faces. He rides a peacock which stands for victory over egos and vices. He stands for power and strength. And worshipping him makes you get oozed with strength and power. He is the source of victory. He blesse their devotees with bravery, stamina and power. Kartikey brings happiness, peace of mind, stamina and energy. People who have been suffering from Rahu, Ketu and Kala Sarpa Dosha get relief.

Kartikey Puja

Kartikey Puja

Benefits Of Performing Kartikey Pooja:-

1. Kartikey Puja is considered very auspicious to bring prosperity, wealth and peace.
2. To get relief from malefic effect of Mangal Dosha and Kuja Dosha, this pooja works excellently.
3. Devotees who perform this puja always gets blessed with peace, wealth and prosperity.
4. Those who worship Lord Kartikey never face any sorts of problems in their lives.
5. To lift up the ratio of spirituality, this puja brings peace and harmony.
6. To fulfil all wishes our devotees. To gain a charismatic personality.
7. The Kartikey Pooja keeps you healthy and wealthy.

Significance of Kartikey Mantra –

This Kartikey Mantra holds great importance. At the time of worshipping Lord Kartikey, this mantra is chanted.

II Om saravanabhava Om saravanabhavayanamah II

Performing Kartikey Puja is considered very auspicious to bring peace at home. If you have been muddling to organize this puja then you must consider us. We hold experienced priest and they can perform pooja with following all rituals. For more information and updates, you may contact us.

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