Shop or Office Opening Muhurat

Shop or Office Opening Muhurat

Shop Opening Muhurat/ Office Opening Muhurat or Business Muhurat are the auspicious time when we start a new business, it could be any type of business. We always perform havan and puja rituals before starting any new work.

When we start a new business, we put all our savings, our energy and time in it. It is a big deal to start a business. Once a business starts so many people get associated with it either employees or customers.

Shop or Office Opening Muhurat

Shop or Office Opening Muhurat

Performing havan and puja rituals are the first things comes in our mind on the opening ceremony. These puja rituals are performed on auspicious time or Muhurat.

Begining of any work should be done on this auspicious Muhurat to make it successful forever.

You can get following Muhurat From us

  • Shop Opening Muhurat
  • Office Opening Muhurat
  • Factory/Industrial Work Starting Muhurat
  • Office shifting Muhurat etc.

What we consider while providing the auspicious Shop opening or Business Muhurat?

  • Auspicious Date
  • Auspicious Time
  • Auspicious Tithi
  • Auspicious Nakshatra
  • Favorable Planetary Positions

These are the important factors considered to calculate the auspicious shop opening or business muhurat.

Our Cost for the Shop or Office Opening Muhurat is Rs. 1100.

  • If you will Pay us then we will provide you Muhurat within 2 working Hours.
  • Click on the below Button to Pay the Cost of this Muhurat via Your Debit/Credit/Net Banking and share the birth details via given contact form.
  • Contact or Whatsapp us on +919818543616.

Benefits of Shop opening or Business Muhurat

  • Business will give positive results in quick time
  • You will not suffer financial loss
  • It will bring prosperity
  • Good returns
  • Clients and customers will not cheat
  • Employees will not cheat
  • Employees will be happy always with you
  • Business growth will not see too many ups and downs
  • Any Vastu Dosha will be removed
  • Any Negative energy or Evil spirit will be removed

These are the major benefits and expectations of a business owner from their business. Once all these things will be in favor a business will always move towards success.

How to get Shop opening or business muhurat?

Send us the birth details of the business owner of the business. We will analyze birth chart and effect of planetary positions. After analyzing the birth chart and finding favorable conditions we will provide the auspicious Shop Opening or Business Muhurat date.