Shiva Puja Kit

daily pujan kit

Lord Shiva implies favourability. Shiva is the destroyer, the most effective god and one of the godheads in the Hindu Trinity. Shiva is the dissolving power in life. In any case, Shiva breaks up so as to make, since death is the medium for resurrection into another life.

Shiva is a standout amongst the most interesting divine beings. Ruler Shiva speaks to the part of the Supreme Being (Brahman of the Upanishads) that ceaselessly breaks up to reproduce in the cyclic procedure of creation, protection, disintegration and entertainment of the universe.

shiva puja kit

Lord Shiva is the Lord of benevolence and empathy. He shields fans from fiendish powers, for example, desire, ravenousness, and outrage. He concedes helps, gives beauty and stirs shrewdness in His aficionados.

We have gathered in this pack every one of the basics for venerating and satisfying Lord Shiva. This pack can be utilized for every day Shiva puja or amid Shivratri, Shravan month and for any custom including adoring Lord Shiva.

Substance Of Shiva Puja Kit

  1. Abhishek powder
  2. Bhasma powder
  3. Belpatra
  4. Gangajal
  5. Gomutra
  6. Copper lota smaller than expected and Shreephal – 1 set
  7. Sandalwood glue – 20 grams
  8. Agarbatti-dhoop batti – 10 sticks
  9. Kapoor
  10. Om Namah Shivaye Shawl- 1
  11. Haldi,
  12. Kumkum,
  13. Abir,
  14. Gulal,
  15. Astagandha – 40 gms
  16. Raksha suta – 1 pc
  17. Honey – 25 grams
  18. Attar – 3 ml
  19. Akshata – 50 grams
  20. Prasad-50 grams
  21. Kala teel,
  22. Jav,
  23. Udad – 80 grams
  24. Betel leaf – 1 piece
  25. Bhang
  26. Janeo
  27. Ghee-50 gms
  28. Diya-1 pc
  29. Supari huge
  30. Lavang-5 pieces
  31. Elachi-5 pieces

All things are named and pressed in a tight and secure plastic sack.

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