Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple

Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple

Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple should dependably be performed by the specialists like we give to you. On the off chance that the pujain Kamakhya is done in the wrong way, you may wind up enraging the Shani dev. Get in touch with us to book a Pandit for this significant puja at the present time.

Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple

Pooja Vidhi of Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple –

The procedure of the Shani Dev puja incorporates:

  1. Avahana mantra
  2. Supplications of all Gods and Goddesses
  3. Sankalap Pooja
  4. droning of the Navagraha mantra
  5. hanuman Chalisa Japa
  6. Master Shiv pooja
  7. Hanuman Pooja
  8. Shani Abhishek
  9. Droning Shani Mantra 23000 times
  10. Shani Chalisa Japa and oil advertising
  11. The Homa requires sugar, cow ghee, desserts, nectar, NavagrahaSamidha.
  12. The last custom is Purnahuti after which Prasad appropriation is finished.

Benefits of Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple –

The key advantages of playing out the Shani Dev puja are recorded here:

  1. It lessened the negative effect of Shani Planet and lifts the positives.
  2. Individuals experiencing protracted mental and physical sickness get some help
  3. The negative effect of Saturn is diminished
  4. A man turns out to be more fruitful
  5. Your wellbeing is improved
  6. The individual turns out to be more positive and has a honest mentality
  7. You get favoured with progress

Significant of Shani Puja in Kamakhya Temple –

  1. The family life ends up noticeably tranquil and prosperous
  2. The adoration life ends up noticeably more grounded
  3. You get the capacity to battle troubles with your self-control
  4. Conjugal clashes are settled
  5. You get the chance to appreciate a long and honourable life
  6. Watching a quick on each Saturday would pacify the Shani planet and its evil impact would be lessened

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