Shani Kavach

Siddh Shani Kavach
  • Lord Shani the son of Surya Dev and Chhaya and is one of the nine “Navagraha” in Hindu belief.
  • After the birth of Shani when he first opened his eyes, it is said that his father Surya went into an eclipse.
  • Since then Lord Shani is believed to be the god causing miseries in the life of a human being
  • Shani Raksha Kavach is very Beneficial when you are under Shani Sade Sati / Dhaiyya / Maha Dasha / Anter Dasha etc. It helps to prevent adverse effects of Shani like Depression, Health Problems etc.
  • Wearing the Shani Raksha Kavach makes your life happier and content. The Shani Kavach has hidden powerful energy symbolized by the horseshoe.
Siddh Shani Kavach

Siddh Shani Kavach

What is Shani Kavach? 

  • Shani Kavach is a medium to receive sanctified blessings of Shani.
  • shani Raksha kavach contains a hidden energy which is symbolized by the horseshoe.
  • The planet of Saturn has the adverse effect in a horoscope which causes Sadesati. To avoid the catastrophe of sadesati, Shani Kavach is the ultimate defender.

Benefits of Wearing Shani Kavach

  • Removes obstacles from your way
  • Protects you from ill-effects of Saturn
  • Helps you in attaining success in your business
  • Brings wealth and prosperity
  • Gives you success in your business

Shani Kavach Puja Vidhi

  • Do not start wearing the pendent from Sunday & Monday. For better results start wearing from Saturday.
  • It is not advisable to use the same pendent by two different persons.
  • This pendent is suitable for all Zodiac Signs (Sun Sign & Moon Sign).

We provide you two types of Kavach, A Siddhi Kavach and another Kavach is without Siddhi.

In order to get energized Shani Kavach you will have to give us your birth date, place of birth and Gotra.

We also provide you the complete process of wearing Shani Kavach.

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