Shaligram is a very important object as per to the Hindu religion. It is believed that lord Vishnu himself wanders inside the stone, so it is considered very auspicious.

shaligramThese stones are mainly located in damodar kund. As we are living in kaliyuga, it is believed that lord Vishnu took the form of Shaligram and tulsi, so the devotees can worship him.

In more simple words just as a shivling represents Lord Shiva, a Shaligram represents Lord Vishnu.

Benefits of Shaligram

  • If a dying person drinks the water of Shaligram before leaving the earth will be redeemed of all his sins.
  • Vishnu favors those more, who worship in the presence of Shaligram.
  • Protects from negativity and harmful effects and negativity.

Shaligram Puja and Siddhi

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