Shabar Mantra

shabar mantra

Shabar Mantra is very useful and effective and gives positive results soon. This mantra is used by all types of people for resolving multiple problems.

shabar mantra

Shabar mantra is different from Vedic mantras and it can be used by anyone by their native languages to get immediate positive results. It is believed that these mantras are written by Guru Gorakhnath ji.

Important Shabar Mantras:

• For Success:

|| Shur Shiromani Sahsi, Sumati Sameer Kumar Agam Sugam Sab Kaam Karoon, Kartal Siddhi Bichar ||

One should chant this mantra before starting any new work for getting success

• For Poisonous Biting :

|| Om Chande Phuh ||

This mantra needs to be chanted 21 times while rubbing a finger on the biting spot to get immediate relief.

• Resolving difficulties:

|| Om Pa Me Ae Me Hum ||

This mantra requires 101 times chanting to deal effectively with any kind of difficulties.

Shabar mantra is widely used in villages and it gives results in a few seconds. It can resolve minor health issues and also saves from poisonous bites.
Guru Gorakhnath Shabar Mantra:

|| Om Shri Shri 108 Hat Hat Shambhujati Guru Gorakhnathya Namah ||

This mantra requires 21 times chanting in a day to get the blessing of Gorakhnath.

Now-a-days people are using black magic as a result of jealousy of other’s developments and happiness. To get rid of that bad magic influence people usually go to the tantriks. But Shabar mantra can be proved very helpful in this case to reduce the influence of black magic and to bring rapid positive results.

Though this mantra procedure and its chanting seems quite easy but it can make harm if not done properly and without the supervision of any experts. Our services are there to provide you any kind of help.