Satyanarayan Puja Kit

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Lord Satyanarayan is another type of Lord Vishnu, generally loved on a full moon day of the month. A Narayan type of Lord Vishnu is viewed as an exemplification of truth. The Lord’s effortlessness is depicted in Skanda Purana. He has four hands like Lord Vishnu, be that as it may, his fourth hand does not hold a lotus rather it is stretched out upward to favour individuals.

In Satyanarayan pooja, individuals adore by discussing the benevolent story of Lord Satyanarayan. Many individuals complete this puja instantly after or alongside a favourable event or any accomplishment in life. Individuals adore by presenting the thoughtful story of the Lord which was once advised by Lord Vishnu himself to the sage Narada for the advantage of mankind.

satyanarayan puja kit

We have amassed in this pack every one of the basics for revering and satisfying Lord Satyanarayan. This pack can be utilized for every day Satyanarayan puja or amid Poornima puja (full moon day) and for any custom including loving Lord Satyanarayan.


Substance sf Satyanarayan Puja Kit

Satyanarayan photograph Satyanarayan Pooja Book, Gangajal – 50ml [Holy water] Gomutra-25ml [Cow urine] Itra-3ml, Honey-little jug [Madhu] Incense – 10 sticks [Aggarbattis] Haldi, Kumkum, Abir, Gulal, Gopichandan, Ashta Gandha powder, Sindoor, Rangoli [Hindu – Tilak in various colours] Sandal glue – 20 gms, Akshata Rice – 50 gms [Coloured rice] Kapur – 60 pcs [Camphor] Janeo – 1 [Holy thread] Ghee – 50gms Diya – 1 [Ready to utilize Diya], Holy string 1 move, [Raksha sutra] Deity offerings (dry organic products sweet sugar) – 75gms Supari-12pcs, Clove, Cardamom – 5pcs each [Bitternut] White Cloth – 1metre [Altar cloth] Dhoop batti (1 parcel) [dhoop incense] Prasad compartments [10pcs] Darbha grass – 1 package. Audio-Visual CD for playing out the poojan.

The amount is adequate for different puja use.

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