Saraswati Puja Kit

bhoomi pujan kit

Goddess Saraswati is related with the wellspring of learning and insight. Saraswati Puja is commended in the Magha month (January and February). It matches with Vasant Panchami or Shree Panchami, i.e., the fifth day of the splendid fortnight of the lunar month of Magha.

Individuals put books close to the goddess’ statue or picture and love the goddess. As a custom, as the books and note pads should be continued adjust by the understudies for worship, students shouldn’t consider on the day.

saraswati puja kit

We have gathered in this unit all elements for performing Navagraha puja. Every one of the fundamentals pressed are characteristic, unadulterated, holy and of high calibre and are adequate for performing puja.

Saraswati Puja Kit Samagrim

  1. Mud Saraswati Idol (Terracotta)
  2. Red Sindoor Abeer Mica (Abhra)
  3. Camphor (Karpoor)
  4. Jaggery (Gur)
  5. Ganga Soil Black Sesame (Til)
  6. Cow Dung (Gomay)
  7. Himej (Hartaki)
  8. Panchaguri
  9. Panchasasya
  10. Pancharatna
  11. Ghat
  12. Mirror (Darpan)
  13. Comb (Chiruni)
  14. Bindi
  15. Nose Ring (Nath)
  16. Shakha Pola Noa Saraswati
  17. Saree Vishnu Dhoti
  18. Yellow Cloth Gamchha (For Ghat)
  19. Aam Pallab (Brass)
  20. Sasheesh Daab (Brass)
  21. Chandramala Iron Piece
  22. Kush Siddhi Inkpot (Masyadhar)
  23. Wooden Pen (Lekhni)
  24. Arrows (Teer Kathi)
  25. Tekatha
  26. Paan Masala Sacred Thread (Paita)
  27. Asananguriyak Madhupark Bati (Bowl)
  28. Red Chandan
  29. White Chandan
  30. Raw Thread
  31. Red Thread Incense Sticks (Rose)
  32. Moti Mala
  33. Dhoona Coconut Fiber (Narikel Chhobra)
  34. Cotton Long Wicks (Solte)
  35. Round Wicks (Gol Batti)
  36. Clay Pradeep
  37. Candle
  38. Bowls
  39. Spoon
  40. Rice (Atap Chaal)
  41. Areca Nut (Supari)
  42. Panchamewa (Sushka Naivedya)
  43. Popped Paddy (Kheel/Khoi)
  44. Batasa Cow Urine (Gomutra)
  45. Cow Ghee Honey
  46. Ganga Water
  47. Rose Water
  48. Aguroo

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