Rudraksha for Enemy Problem

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In the modern world, no matter how honest or simple you are, you often attract enemies. They are those people who are jealous of your success and wish you harm. They also want you to not get any happiness and often make plans to destroy you.

In such a situation, you can always trust the Rudraksha for enemy problems we provide as it will beat your enemies and stop them by ruining their plans of destroying you.


Lord Shiva was a powerful lord who cried for humankind in the ancient times. Puranas say that wherever his tears fell, the Rudraksha trees were formed. So, every time you purchase a Rudraksha, you will get his blessings.

Rudraksha Details

This powerful combination is created by combining a bead of 7 mukhi, 9 mukhi and 11 mukhi Rudraksha. It helps you to seek the blessings of goddess Durga who vanquish all your hidden enemies, goddess Mahalaxmi who attracts abundance and Ekadash Rudra that helps you to attain knowledge and wisdom.

How to Wear the Rudraksha for Enemy Problem?

You can wear it only after having a bath that cleans your body, visiting a temple near you and chanting Om Namah Shivaay for at least 3 or 11 times.

The Results

After you get hold of the power Rudraksha, you can expect the following benefits:

  • You will know who your hidden enemies are. Sometimes hidden enemies do more harm than the known ones.
  • The plans of your enemies to beat you in personal or professional life would become fruitless
  • You will get protection from harm that was planned by your enemies

Every Rudraksha product that we offer you would be blessed by a priest who performs either a jap or puja. It increases the power of the object and gives you instantaneous results.

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