Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Remedies for Delay in Marriage
Remedies for Delay in Marriage

Remedies for Delay in Marriage

If you are want to get married but finding some kind of issues and problems always come in your married. Don’t worry, have some simple, effective and very successful remedies and check out these points mentioned below. Let’s check it out.

  1. Worshipping Lord Shankar and goddess Parvati is very beneficial for the unmarried person. You must keep fast for 16 sequent Mondays. It works a lot. Many kinds of good marriage proposals will start coming for you. It removes all kind of Dosha which are the cause of delay your marriage.
  2. Lord Shankar and goddess Parvati’s picture should be placed in unmarried person’s room. You must chant this mantra every morning. It is a very powerful mantra.


  1. Chanti this mantra for at least 108 times a days.

    II Om Namah Shiva II

  2. Start worshiping goddess Lakshmi and chant Shrisuktam daily. It is a very powerful remedy.
  3. Narayana pooja is very beneficial to reduce the problems that you are facing in getting married. It may help to get early marriage. Chanting this mantra for at least 108 times a day.

    II Om Namoh Narayanay II

  4. Worshiping banana root is very beneficial remedies for early marriage. You must perform this pooja for 43 sequent days. It gives you good benefits.
  5. Offer sacred water to Shivlinga. It has a significant value. It is counted as one of the most powerful and effective remedies.
  6. You must carry Rudraksha according to your birth chart and situation. Rudraksha is associated with lord Shiva who is the god of all gods and goddesses.
  7. The next thing which a girl should do is carrying green bangles (chudiyan). Apart from it, the color of dress should be in yellow. And white color must wear on every Fridays. It is another very effective remedies to get success in marriage.
  8. Sometimes the unwanted planet comes in natal marriage graph to create many kinds of problems and misunderstanding for Natal. They can be removed after performing Kamakhya pooja. It has been observed that Goddess Kamakhya always blessed their devotees and reduce all kinds of problems from a natal married graph
  9. Carry a gemstone of the planet causing affliction may also help. Gemstone may help to remove cause and issues coming your way of getting married.

If your marriage delay for any kind of problems, you must apply these remedies. It helps to get married soon.

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