reiki therapy

Reiki is a form of healing process, more than a process it’s an art form which was founded in ancient japan, we can consider it more like a meditation form but not completely, reiki is made up of two Japanese words “rei” which means godly power or universal life, while ki means life force energy.

reiki therapy

It is believed in japan that we are all bounded with a universal life force, which governs all beings, creatures, plant monuments and others, while “ki” is a way to get connected with this life form, with the activation of this ki, a person flows through this life and its problems freely.

Without getting affected or attached to the outcomes of it, the person becomes in full control of his being in guidance of the universal life form, if we go by Japanese legend of reiki, it is said that it was Mikao Usai who founded it, he can undoubtedly be considered as the father of reiki, from him the knowledge was passed to other masters, generation after generation.

The healing process is very simple to follow

  1. All you need a spiritual leader, who can guide you through the reiki process
  2. The healing process of reiki is not as same as simple message process, its completely different
  3. Your instructor will first enquire why you want it, in verbal conversation and will decide the process for you
  4. Unlike other forms of healing in this process you don’t need to remove clothes it can be done by holding your hand even.

Benefits of Reiki healing       

  1. It’s a very effective and proven way to release stress from a person’s body and mind, and making him in sync with his positive energy.
  2. Sleeping problems are resolved with natural healing, a person observes complete relaxation.
  3. If you are a person dealing with emotional burden in your life, then reiki the best way you can relieve it, it’s an experience that you will not be forget, and positivity you experience will make you a relieved and relaxed and will leave as a very effective and pleasant memory for your mind and body.
  4. If you had surgical process recently and want to recover from it than reiki is a process, and there is no side effect of this healing process
  5. Asthma, arthritis, insomnia, chronic disease can also be cured by reiki process without any side effect.
  6. Women going under problems related to menopause can also be benefited with this process.

Reiki is an available process now in India as well, performed by trained and experienced spiritual leaders, if you want to experience not as a part of  the creation but as creation than consider this healing process of reiki.