Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami Puja

Ram Navami is praised on the ninth day of the Chaitra Shukla Paksha (March – April). It is the birthday commemoration of Lord Ram and is praised all finished Indian. Puja and watching quick are considered as fundamental piece of Ram Navami festivity. Let’s check out the all details of Ram Navami puja.

Ram Navami Puja

Pooja Vidhi Of Ram Navami Puja –

In this section, we are described the pooja Vidhi of Ram navami. Let’s check it out.

  1. As a matter of first importance clean your home for Ram Navami puja.
  2. Place Lord Ram’s object of worship in puja room or mandir. You can likewise keep pictures of Goddess Mata Sita, god Lakshman and lord Hanuman alongside Lord Rama.
  3. Lord Ram was conceived at twelve. Along these lines, you ought to perform Ramnavami puja at twelve.
  4. Perform puja with every one of the individuals from your family.
  5. Offer blooms, desserts, light diyas and incense adheres keeping in mind the end goal to please Lord Ram.
  6. You should likewise offer tulsi leave and organic products to ruler Ram. After all he his Lord Vishnu’s symbol.
  7. Subsequent to lighting the diyas sprinkle sacred water, roli, kumkum and rice on the divinities.
  8. They likewise read out blessed mantras, Ramayana with a specific end goal to satisfy the god.
  9. After puja is done, Perform aarti, offer Prasad and look for gift of Lord slam.
  10. Apply Tilak and convey Prasad to every one of the individuals.
  11. Many individuals break the quick at twelve with this Puja ‘prasad.’
  12. Sing Ram Bhajan or Vishnu Sahasranama.
  13. Individuals visit sanctuaries and tune in to stories of Ram janam Katha1 (Rama’s introduction to the world).
  14. Different legends from Ramayana like balakand and sundrakand are perused.

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