Puja for Mars Planet

Mangal Puja

If you are one of them wanted to get reduce the effect of the planet Mars (Mangal) in your horoscope? If yes! Then, there is a solution to come out of this problem called the Kartikeya Puja and the hanuman Puja.

About Kartikeya Puja

This puja helps to get blessed by Lord Kartikeya. Those who are wanted to remove the effect the planet Mars (Mangal) and Mangal Dosha must perform the Kartikeya Puja. Those people suffering from the Mangal Dosha, they will face the problem in getting married.

This Puja process blesses their devotees to have a blissful life. It makes you get oozed with enough confidence and charm to improve planet moon in your horoscope. All kind of problems, issues, and difficulty get removed.

If there is something about marital problems, Mangla Dosha, Delayed marriage then stop thinking about it as these kinds of the problem will also get reduced if you perfume with all rituals.

Mangal Puja

Mangal Puja

Mantra for Kartikeya Dev

II Om saravanbhavaya Namah II 

About the hanuman Puja

The Tuesday is the best day for perfuming the hanuman Puja. The hanuman Puja reduce the bad effect of planet Mars. It brings happiness into your life. On this day, you should keep the fast. Donate masoor dal on this day.

Offer the food to needy on this day. Chanting this hanuman Mantra helps to make the way clean and obstacles free. And you get married on time. At the time of performing this Puja, it’s considered essential to chant this hanuman Mantra and human Chalisa.

Mantra for Hanuman Dev

II Om ham Hanumate Namah II

You may choose us to conduct the special Kartikeya Puja and the hanuman Puja. For more information, you must contact us.

You can Book and perform Mangal Puja from us, for this we need Your Name, birth details and Gotra to perform the Puja.

After Mangal Puja, we will provide the Puja Prasad in form of Locket, Tabiz, Yantra, Kada, Rudraksha and eatable Prasad to you.

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