Puja for Libra Zodiac Sign People

Puja for Libra

The Kartikeya and the Maha Gauri Puja is very beneficial for Libra zodiac sign people. This Puja is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya and Goddess Maha  Gauri.

Puja for Libra

Puja for Libra

The Kartikayan Puja

In the Hindu Religion, The Kartikeya Puja holds great importance. This Puja is associated with the son of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati, Kartikeya dev.

He stands for the power and strength. Start worshipping Kartikeya Dev will give you strength and power.

This Puja is also the source of victory. It brings happiness, wealth, good health, peace of mind and energy in the life of Libra zodiac sign people who perform this Puja.

Performing the Kartikeya Puja is considered very auspicious to bring peace and happiness at home.

The Libra zodiac sign People who have been suffering from Rahu Dosha, Ketu Dosha and Kala Sarp Dosha get to relief. At the time of worshipping Kartikeya Dev, this mantra is chanted.

II Om Shravana Bhava Om Saravana Bhavaya Namah II

About The Maha Gauri Puja

The Maha Gauri Puja is considered very auspicious to bring prosperity, good health, wealth and peace in the Libra zodiac sign people.

It may get to relief from the malefic effect of the unwanted planet in your horoscope. It will help to reduce all kind of negative energy and power in your life.

This Puja works excellently. Devotees who perform this Maha Gauri puja always get blessed with peace, wealth, good health, happiness, well-being and prosperity.

Those who worship goddess Maha Gauri never face any kind of problems in their lives. It will lift up the ratio of spirituality.

It brings peace and harmony. At the time of worshipping goddess MahaGauri, this mantra is chanted.

II Om Maha Lakshamahe Namah II

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