Puja for Jupiter Planet

Jupiter Puja

About The Brihaspati Puja

The Planet Jupiter associated with spirituality, knowledge, religion, philosophy, and karma. If you are facing the problems related to planet Jupiter, you must perform the BRIHASPATI Puja.

The Brihaspati Puja is very beneficial to reduce the bad effects of planet Jupiter.  The Brihaspati Puja associated to lord guru. This Puja process will help to improve planet Jupiter in your horoscope.

Thursdays are the best day for perfuming the Brihaspati Puja. You should keep the fast on this day. Donate the turmeric or saffron or sugar on this day. Wear the Brihaspati mantra in the neck or keep it at Puja place at the house.

It helps to make it more beneficial. Chant the guru Stotra, Shri Rudram and guru mantra for at least 11, 21, 51 or 108 times.

Jupiter Puja

Jupiter Puja

Mantra for Planet Jupiter

II Om gram greem groum sah gurave Namah II

II aum hreem kleem hoom brihaspataye Namah II

Benefits of the Brihaspati Puja

In this section, the benefits of the Brihaspati Puja are being described below. Let’s check it out.

  1. This Puja process being energy and power in your life.
  2. This Puja reduces the bad effect of planet Jupiter in your horoscope.
  3. The Planet Jupiter point of view, the Brihaspati Puja is also very useful and powerful. It solves your all planet Jupiter related problems.
  4. When you perfume the Brihaspati Puja, it has saved the world from the force of evil and enemy.

You can Book and perform Lord Guru Puja from us, for this we need Your Name, birth details and Gotra to perform the Puja.

After Guru Puja, we will provide the Puja Prasad in form of Locket, Tabiz, Yantra, Kada, Rudraksha, and eatable Prasad to you.

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