Puja for Capricorn Zodiac Sign People

Puja for Capricorn

The Shani Puja is very beneficial for Capricorn zodiac sign people. This Puja is associated with Lord Shani. It is pretty much powerful and helpful Puja.

Shani Puja will help you to remove the hurdles of your life. If the planetary position of Shani is not good in your “Kundli” or you are suffering from Shani Sade Sati in life, it will create more problems for you.

Puja for Capricorn

Puja for Capricorn

You must perform Shani Puja. This Puja is dedicated to planet Shani. It gets loaded with the best result. Saturday is the best day for performing Shani Puja.

On Saturday, offer black things to the needy. You should keep fast on this day.

The mantra of Lord Shani

Here, we are going to mention the mantra of Lord Shani which is required to chant while performing Shani Puja for at least 108 times –

II Om Shah Shanecharaya Namah II

Benefits of Puja

  1. The Shani Puja is a very powerful Puja. It plays a major role to get success in Capricorn zodiac’s life.
  2. It reduces the effects of planet Shani in your life. It being joy and peace.
  3. This Puja will help you to fulfill your dreams.
  4. If you always feel depression or stress in your life, you need to perform this puja. It helps you to overcome mental tension, stress, and depression. You will feel good and peace of mind.
  5. It makes a shield around you in order to protect you from all kind of harmful energy.
  6. Must perform this puja to reduce all kind of bad spirit around you.
  7. This Puja will bring happiness to your life.

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