Puja for Cancer Zodiac Sign People

Puja for Cancer

The Shankar puja is very beneficial for cancer zodiac sign people. Lord Shankar is regarded as one of the prominent Gods among other Hindu deities. Monday is a very special day for performing Shankar Puja.

This day is dedicated to Lord Shiva who holds great value among the Hinduism. People take fast on this day and in order to take the blessing of Lord Shiva. This day is considered auspicious for all the devotees who want to appease Lord Shankar.

Puja for Cancer

Puja for Cancer

It is considered that Lord Shankar is one and only God who gets happy if you worship him with a true heart. Lord Shankar does not expect a lot from their devotees but only except a true dedication. On Monday, offer the food to cow and needy.

Everyday offer water to Shivling, Bel, Bhang, Flowers, Dhatura, Coconut, Water, Fruits, honey, Cow Milk is very favorite of Lord Shankar.

These things are considered essential to have at the time of performing Shankar Puja. Reciting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is considered very beneficial.

Chant This Mantra

Devotees should chant whole day Lord Shiva’s Mantra.

II Om Namaha Shivaya II

Benefits of Puja

  1. Cancer zodiac sign people are performing Shankar Puja to appease Lord Shankar. It brings positive energy in zodiac sign people’s life.
  2. This Puja will help you to fulfill your dreams.
  3. All kind of Problems gets fed away in your business life.
  4. If cancer zodiac sign people are facing marriage related problems, you must perform Shankar Puja, You will get a life partner as you have always been to have in your life.
  5. You have not faced any kind of problems in your marital life.

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