We all know about this gemstone as it is used a lot in making jewelry and women are crazy for it. Moon is the planet that associates to Pearl. It affects our life too. Let’s know more about it.



Significant Of Pearl

It is a kind of very precious stone which is responsible for various things like looks, emotion and mental health of an individual. Carrying pearl in an accurate way fetches positivity to your life and makes it blessed with the success. It takes you away from anxiety, depression, and hardship. Moti effects the most on our life as the Moon is very close to earth.

Benefits Of Wearing Pearl

It works on your inner beauty, charm and facial shine. Pearl demonstrates psyche in man, insensible depths, and decision aware. Not only this, but moon also presents the relation between mother and childhood. To get oozed with the great success and positive results, one should carry at least 7 carats pearl. It plays a major role to balance your emotional life, lifts up the good fortune. In the context of health, wearing pearl is also considered beneficial for curing eye diseases, hysteria, cold, cough, Throat troubles, asthma, bronchitis etc. It is considered very helpful to increase the facial luster of women.

What To Keep In Mind

  • Pearl should be carried in the little finger of working hand means the hand you use a lot for accomplishing daily chores.
  • To purify the pearl, dip it into sacred water or cow milk for at least 10 minutes.
  • At the time of wearing pearl, the mantra which must you chant is “Om Chandraya Nama”.

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