Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja

Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja

The glory of Panchmukhi Hanuman ji is immortal. Panchamya i.e. which is the fifth face. Hanuman ji also had five faces to kill the enemy at one time. Since then, worship of Panchmukhi Hanuman was started.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja

Pooja of Panchmukhi Hanuman –

  1. Panchmukhi Hanuman sadhan Hanuman Jayanti or any Tuesday can be done on the night of Tuesday.
  2. Sitting on the south side, sit and sit After installing a Panchmukhi Bajrang machine on the red clothes in front of you, after worshiping jasmine perfume, vermilion, red flower, gram flour and fruit etc., after lighting the oil and lukewarm incense of oil, and 21 beats from the coral reef.
  3. II Hassan HafrroonHoonHoonHanumante Namah II ‘Chant the mantra for eight days. The last day, complete 108 rituals of the same mantra by giving cow’s ghee in the fire.
  4. Panchmukhi Hanuman follow the fasting of Brahmacharya in Sadhana, offer red flowers to Hanuman ji, sleep on the ground and offer offerings, make it purely in cow’s ghee.

Advantages of Panchmukhi Hanuman Puja –

The advantages of worshiping Panchmukhi Hanuman are complex.

  1. The east-bound anjaneya satisfies the desires of the individual. Which can now and then be childish and of individual nature.
  2. The south-bound anjaneya stipends wishes for the welfare of all.
  3. The west-bound hanuman offers soubhagya or the support of good fortunes.
  4. The north-bound one offers the endowment of flourishing and riches.
  5. The Hayagrivamukha faces the Sky. Haygriva ensures the entire welfare and joy of the world.

Panchamukhi Hanuman Stuti –

The Panchmukhi Hanuman Stuti is an intense Stotra intended to adulate each of the five structures. This Stotra mitigates inconveniences and keep insidious powers away. It fills in as an assurance to enthusiasts who serenade with most extreme confidence.

I Om Namo Bhagavathe Panchavadanaaya Poorva Kapi Mukhe I

Ii Sakala Shatru Samhaarnaaya Swaaha Ii

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