Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri is a very auspicious festival and performing puja in Navratri required special products. These products should be authentic and pure.

We have designed a customized puja kit with all necessary products. This customized Navratri Puja Kit is designed with the help of well-established Pandits and Gurus.

After having this Puja kit no other material or puja product will be required to perform puja on this auspicious Navratri.

Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri Puja Kit

Navratri Puja Kit’s Samagrim

This kit contains all materials required for the pooja as said in our sacred writings. Exceptionally outlined under the direction of purohits the Navratri Puja Kit contains all the 38 fundamental components to perform Navratri pooja.

  1. Goddess Durga’s Photo
  2. Supari
  3. Laung
  4. Roli / kumkum
  5. Gulab Jal
  6. Rangoli
  7. Rice
  8. White Chandan
  9. Red Chandan
  10. 16 Sringar Samagrim
  11. Haldi Powder
  12. Haldi Gath
  13. Dhoop
  14. Kapoor
  15. Ghee Batti (Round)
  16. Batti (Long),
  17. Match Stick
  18. Deep
  19. Aggarbattis
  20. New Red Cloth
  21. Kesar
  22. Panchmeva
  23. Ilachi
  24. Ganga Jal
  25. Kalash
  26. Wheat
  27. kalawa
  28. Ghee
  29. Match box
  30. Dona
  31. Moli
  32. Itra
  33. Honey
  34. Mishri
  35. Sapt Dhan
  36. Sapt Mitrika
  37. New White Cloth
  38. Janeu

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