Navratna Stone

Though there are many gemstones have been used by mankind in order to heal. It holds a number of magical properties. It is widely known for leaving a profound impact on human life. It is called Navratra as it associates with all nine planets. It is recommended after analyzing the Kundali in a discreet manner.

Navratna Stone

Navratna Stone

Significance Of Navratna

It is also called as king of a gemstone as it holds the magic of the nine planets. This gemstone can be worn by anyone since it does hold any kind of negative waves with itself. It suits everyone without considering the zodiac sign. It is required to embed it in gold or silver ring. It protects the wearer from diseases and danger.

Benefits Of Navratna

  • There is no need to consider any astrologer before wearing it.
  • It keeps you safe from the disease and any kind of danger.
  • Navratna fetches the good essence of all nine planets. This gemstone does not belong to a particular planet. It associates with all the nine.
  • Before wearing, it is essential to make it pure chanting Navagraha mantras. It helps to fetch various positive results to the wearer.

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So, what are you waiting for? Since the Navratna refers to the nine gemstones belong to all nine planets used in Vedic astrology, it fetches the positive results. It demonstrates prosperity, happiness, peace of mind, health to the wearer. It removes all sorts of negative energy and effects from a planet.