Navgrah Puja at Surya Grahan

Navgrah Puja at Surya Grahan

Whatever is happening in our lives, the movements of the planets behind them are a big reason. In order to prevent all these fluctuations and to calm the angry planet, it is the rule of worshiping all 9 planets that affect the new planet i.e. in the religious and mythological texts.

What Is All About the Navgrah Puja at Surya Grahan –

According to astrology, the ratios are 12 each planet enters its own pace at every moment. It is called the movements of the planets, even after entering the amount from one zodiac to another, there is a positive and negative effect on other zodiac signs. Properties of each planet are also found in each individual. Like health from the Sun, success from the Moon and Mars gives prosperity.

Navgrah Puja at Surya Grahan

Similarly, every planet has its own points which affect our life somewhere. Through these mantras, these planets are called and they are established correctly. Some special remedies are also suggested by astrologers to get the strength of weak planets. This process is called Navagraha Puja.

Navagadh Puja Material

Red violet, red, yellow, green, white, black rice, nine vertical betel nut, nine mango leaf, nine janau, dakshitutra, roli, sandur, sandal, arab, akhanth, etc. for the altar of Navaghavamandal, Yogurt, turmeric, good, flower, puffle, belpetra, durbha, nine fresh fruits and nine dry fruits.

Navagraha Worship Method at Surya Grahan

The first planetary plan is called for the Navagraha-Poojan. After that they are established. Then, in the left hand, while invoking mantras, the planetary call is invoked with right hands. Thus all the planets are invoked and they are established. After this, offer Akshat Laker Mantra in the NavagrahMandal for prestige. Now worship chanting of the Navagras. Puja meditation is done by any wise Brahmin. Pooja can also be done in Navagraha Temple.

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