Moon Stone

White Moonstone

Moonstone is a kind of precious and high in demand gemstone among the people who hold great firm in astrology. This gemstone is known for remarkable and mystical property in order to serve great benefits to its wearer. It holds great value as it has been using for a long time in the past.

White Moonstone

White Moonstone

Benefits Of Moon Stone

  • It keeps the wearer away from the problem that may ruin the happiness if you are going for traveling.
  • Moonstone is considered the best to open heart and sacral chakra in the body.
  • It also stimulates inner growth as well
  • If you are looking for a solution that can help you to get balanced emotionally.
  • Moon Stone is also considered a women’s gemstone as it plays an important role in balancing hormones.
  • To reduce stress, it is also required to wear it.
  • If you have been suffering from health issues like spleen, stomach or live, wearing this stone helps you a lot.
  • It also beneficial to wear in order to cure or get rid of digestive problems.

How To Wear Moonstone

It is required to embed moonstone in silver or gold ring. It is required to mention that Panchdhatu should be avoided otherwise it may not serve the expected benefits. Moonstone should be worn in the little finger of the correct hand that means the hand you are using. The ideal day is Monday to wear this stone.

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