We humans are complex beings, and this complex nature varies from one individual to another and each individual deals with different problems, it’s not simple to live a human life.

We get angry, jealous, we envy, we take stress, and there is no end to this, but what if we say, that there is a way that can give you control over these issues, over your life and over your being.

The way is simple it is meditation, it is the only way you can gain control over your energies and can attain true bliss, focus and concentration are two things without which you can achieve nothing.


The practice of meditation can be observed since the Vedic culture started in India; all the great sages, rishis started the practice of meditation to attain moksha and to be in the state of complete consciousness.

Meditation will not only help you in improving concentration and focus but it helps you to purify your body and helps in curing many medical conditions as well.

Stress Release Meditation

Stress is something we all are aware of, one cannot dream a life where there is no stress, the only life without stress is afterlife and that we cannot consider, people have so much stress in their life, regarding their love life, working environment, marriage related issues, parental problems, not recognizing dreams.

But we cannot just sit there in a corner and cry about it, people often blame the outside for their issues, when the answers rely inside their own, stress is nothing but a mere illusion , I know it doesn’t sound true, you must be thinking I have so many problems only I know and let me tell you yes, you only know how to overcome and that is through practicing meditation, how long does it takes to give yourself ten minutes daily, to experience a better life, there is a saying that”no happiness will come if you are lazy about it”, so decide make yourself dedicated that, from today onwards i will solve my life,

  1. you can practice meditation by sitting in a quiet room, yes switch that phone off and sit in an ideal relaxing position
  2. Now close your eyes it will be even better if you do this by keeping lights off, now start with some breathing, take each breath as an experience given to your body and release it like a grateful response for keeping you alive.
  3. While breathing concentrate on something positive in your life, it could be anything a memory of an achievement, a wonderful time spends with someone you love or care about or it can be anything that gives you a positive and happy experience, fix that image in your head and concentrate on it.
  4. You can also choose an object to meditate if you have concentration and focus problems, spend about ten minutes while doing so relax your body completely and carry on with the rest of the day.

By doing so you will be in control of your thoughts, you will be aware of what to say, you will be at peace and will not get hurt by anybody’s harsh words and will be full of enthusiasm.

When stress is gone from your life you can actually concentrate on solving the physical form of the problem, now the important thing to keep in mind is that you will not attain this in a day but give it time and you can start experiencing the differences in a few weeks.

Meditation for health benefits 

  1. Boosts brain power, meditation help your brain function faster and effectively then average, by doing so productivity increases.
  2. Many have problems of not being able to sleep, and when they are about too, the alarm kicks in and that is it end of good time right? By meditating your thinking and wandering thoughts come to rest and helps you have a better sleep.
  3. If you are addicted to some sort of addiction such as alcohol, drugs and anything else, wanting to get rid of it, then accept meditation as a part of your lifestyle to attain healthy body bliss.

Just not stress and health benefits, meditation increases your confidence, it makes you a better person, and there is no end to its benefits, it makes you a person in control of his life, not being controlled by it.