Marriage Problem Solution


Marriage is considered important in Indian culture. It is a social obligation and is also known as a medium for having children.

Marriage plays a vital role in an Indian life. It is believed that the success and failure of a marriage depends on the astrological positions of planets in horoscope.


Astrology and Marriage

It is important to analyze the horoscope before the marriage as the date, success, failure and longevity of every type of marriage depends on the planets positions in horoscope.

For men the 7th house, its Lord and Venus are the regulators of marriage and married life. Similarly for women, 7th and 8th houses, their Lords and Mars are the determiner of marriage and married life.

Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars, these two planets position are very important for early, healthy and successful marriage. These two planets can play the role of either match makers or breakers that depend on their placement in horoscope.

Compatibility and Planetary Positions

Positions of Planets for healthy marriage:

• 5th house signifies romance, love, intimacy with the partner
• 7th house determines the future of married life relating love, success and continuity
• 11th house decides both harmony and disharmony in married life

If favourable planets are positioned in these houses then marriage becomes successful and makes life more beautiful.

These are the some important aspects of marriage astrology but if someone has astrological problem which is causing delayed marriage, and troublesome married life then solutions are there to make marriage successful, and to get married early.

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