Mantra For Delay in Marriage

Mantra For Delay in Marriage

If you are facing problems in getting married, then chant these Mantras daily as a remedy.

These Mantras are very powerful and have their own spiritual value.

You must chant these mantras for 108 times per day to reduce marriage related problems and issues.

Mantra For Delay in Marriage

Mantra For Delay in Marriage

Mantra For Delay in Marriage

  1. Katyayani mantra – Maa Katyayani Mantra is for those who are looking for a partner and their marriage is delayed due to any reason. Chanting this mantra can nourish your post-marital life.

| Ohm Namohadevin Katyayani Vivaha Sankalpa Namah |

  1. For girls – This mantra is very beneficial for girls to reduce the problems they are facing in getting married. Start worshiping Rukmani who is a wife of Lord Krishna. It helps girls in getting married at the earliest.

| Om Namobhagwate Rukmini Vallaabhaye Swaha |

  1. Rukminivallabh mantra – You must chant this Rukmanivallabh mantra at least 108 times for 90 consecutive days. When you chant this mantra, your face must be in the east direction. It can remove obstacles from your marriage. It reduces the effect of unwanted planets in your birth chart.

| Om Namobhagwate Rukmini Vallabhaaye Swaha |

  1. For boys – This mantra is for unmarried boys. It helps in getting the desired partner. It brings happiness to your post-marriage life as well.

| Patni Manorma Dehi mano Varatanu Sarinim |

Tarini Durgs Ansars agrasayakulod Bhawam |

  1. Chant the Gaurishankar mantra – Gauri Shankar mantra can help to channel love into your wife or husband for long-term mutual admiration. This mantra is associated with goddess Gauri and Lord Shankar. Offer water to Lord Shankar daily. Start worshipping Lord Shankar and goddess Gauri.

| Hey Gaurishankra Ardhangini Yatha Tawam Shanker Priya |

|Tatha ma kuru Kalyani Kanta Kantam Sudurlabham |