Mangla Gauri Puja and Vidhi

Mangla Gauri Puja

The Mangla Gauri puja is a boon for Akhand sobhagaywati for married women. This Puja related fast will be started on every Tuesday of the month of Shravan month. It is said that in the same way that Mother Parvati used to perform harsh penance to get Lord Shiva in the same way, by doing this fast, women receive the blessing of her husband’s long life.

Mangla Gauri Puja

Pooja Vidhi of Mangla Gauri Puja –

  • For the worship of this fast, take the number of sixteen such things as fruits, flowers, laddus, paan, betel nut, cardamom, cloves, cumin seeds, coriander etc. 16 items of saris, 16 pieces and five types of dried fruits should be 16 places. There should be seven kinds of grains.
  • On Tuesday, before morning on the first day of Savan, make an idol of Mangla Gauri or a photo wrapped in red color and set it on a wooden checkpoint. Now make a lentil of flour and apply it to fourteen wings of 16-16 wire.
  • First of all worship Ganesha and offer water, Roli, Mauli, Chandan, Sindoor, betel nut, cloves, paan, rice, flowers, cardamom, bell leaf, fruit, nuts and dakshina on them.
  • After this, worship the Kalash in the same way. Then worship nine planets and sixteen mothers. All material that is taken up is donated.
  • After this, attach the statue of Mangla Gauri to water, milk, and bathwith curd, wear robe, sandal, Sindur, mahindhi and mascara.
  • Decorate the mother with sixteen objects of Adarangar.
  • Finally listen to the story of Mangla Gauri fast or read yourself. After this, married women give their mother-in-law and sister-in-law to sixteen Ladoo. Give this gift to Brahmins too.
  • Thus, on every Tuesday of Sawan, worship and fast. On the second day of last Mars i.e. on Wednesday, the Virgin statue will be uninterrupted. After doing this fast for five consecutive years, it should be exposed later.

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