Magh Bihu Puja at Kamakhya Temple

Magh Bihu Puja at Kamakhya Temple

Magh Bihu is a procure festivity celebrated in Assam and it signifies the complete of the gathering season in the locale. Magh Bihu is seen on the primary day of Magh month as indicated by Bengali Panjika. Magh Bihu is the Assam celebration of Sankranti and the celebrations continue going for seven days. The festival of Magh Bihu is dedicated to Agni, the Lord of Fire.

Magh Bihu Puja at Kamakhya Temple

What Is All About the Magh Bihu –

The Magh Bihu is identical expression of feasts and blasts which begin one day before of Magh Bihu. The day going before Magh Bihu is known as Uruka which is the most recent day of Poush month as indicated by Assamese timetable. On Uruka day people erect extemporized cabins, known as Meji, from bamboo, leaves and cover. The sustenance for eating up is set up inside Meji and a gathering eat up is held tight the Uruka night.

Noteworthy of Magh Bihu Puja At Kamakhya Temple –

The Magh Bihu puja at Kamakhya temple has rich authentic centrality. As we as a whole know, the essential occupation in India is cultivating. Individuals for the most part depend on farming as a profession. Along these lines, Assam praises this celebration amid the season of gather as it denotes the finish of reap season in Assam.

There is a sentiment joy and satisfaction noticeable all around this time. The agriculturists feel an extraordinary murmur of alleviation after the enormous diligent work and this celebration is an ideal opportunity to taste the product of their diligent work.

Advantages of Magh Bihu Puja at Kamakhya Temple –

1. It brings riches, thriving and extreme quietness to the ranchers as they offer their gather.

2. They feel monetarily or financially redesigned as the seeds of their diligent work soon, start to ready.

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