Maa Kamakhya siddh Mantra


Kamakhya Devi is known for fulfilling desires of her devotee, she has incarnated from the vulva body part of Devi sati which fell in the Guwahati region of Assam and a temple was constructed in the name of the goddess.

kamakhya-mantraThere are many ways to worship the deity which involves Vedic rituals for pooja and tantra vidya as well to obtain all worldly pleasures, siddhis and powers.

There are different types of Maa Kamakhya siddh mantras are present which are known as siddh mantra. Some major mantras are listed below:

  • Siddh Kamakhya Sindoor Mantra
  • Siddh shabar mantra
  • Siddh Shakti Mantra
  • Siddh Mohini mantra

All of these mantras are very powerful and of miraculous nature and when invoked and chanted in proper manner can produce results that you cannot even imagine.

Benefits of Siddh Kamakhya Mantra

The benefits of siddh kamakhya mantra are limitless and cannot be listed all as its power is observed differently by each individual according to his need but we are listing a few of the blessing which is received

  • The attraction of love, romance and passion are observed.
  • Improved relationships between Family members and others.
  • Regain of the lost love of boyfriend, ex-boyfriend, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, husband, ex -husband, wife and ex-wife.
  • Abundance and prosperity will be observed in your life.
  • All materialistic gains are observed in life.
  • Success is observed wherever you go in life.

We are a team of trained individuals in tantra vidya, Vedic rituals and are in connection with kamakhya Shakti peetha.

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