Lord Ram Puja

Lord Ram Puja

Lord Rama is King of Ayodhya and symbol of Lord Vishnu. Master Rama took incarnation on Ram Navami. Along these lines, his puja is done on this day. I depict here an extremely basic Lord Rama puja vidhi with mantra. You can undoubtedly do it at your home on Ram Navami and different events.

Lord Ram Puja

Things Required For Rama Puja Vidhi –

  1. Chawki
  2. New Red Cloth
  3. Photo of Lord Ganesha
  4. Photograph of Lord Ram Darbar or Lord Sita Ram ji
  5. Akshat (crude unbroken rice)
  6. Tulsi (basil leaves)
  7. Dhoop stick
  8. Deepak
  9. Ghee
  10. Blooms
  11. Chandan
  12. Consecrated Thread
  13. Heavenly Water
  14. Desserts

Pooja Vidhi Of Lord Ram Puja

  1. Spread red fabric on Chowki pleasantly.
  2. Place photograph of Lord Ram Darbar or Lord Sita Ram ji on Chowki.
  3. Presently make 8 petals lotus with the Akshat before the above said photograph.
  4. Put the icon of Lord Ganesha on it.
  5. Light the earthen light (deepak) and dhoop stick first.
  6. Ask Lord Ganesha, “O Lord Ganesha! If it’s not too much trouble come and expel all hindrances in Lord Rama puja!”
  7. Offer sacrosanct string as garments.
  8. Offer blossoms, desserts and water. Additionally put chandantilak on his brow.
  9. Appeal to Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughna and Hanuman ji to come and get offerings.
  10. Show them earthen light and dhoop stick.
  11. At that point offer desserts, blossoms and water. Apply chandantilak on their brow.
  12. Offer Tulsi particularly to Lord Rama.
  13. Do namaskar to every one of them by saying, “Shri Sita Lakshman Bharat ShatrughnaHanumatSametaya Shri Ramaya Namah”.
  14. Presently recount the matra of Lord Rama “ॐ रामाय नमः” OR “रां रामाय नमः” no less than 108 times with ruminating over Lord Rama.

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