Lord Narsimha Puja at Holi

Lord Narsimha Puja at Holi

Lord Narsimha Puja at Holi

Lord Narsimha Puja is very beneficial puja at Holi. Devotes do puja of Lord Narasimha at their homes on Holi. They revere lord Narsimha and supplicate him to decimate illusive inclinations of their brain.

Pujan Samagrim of Lord Narsimha Puja at Holi

  1. An earthen light loaded with ghee
  2. Dhoop stick or agarbatti
  3. Blossoms
  4. Chandan, Ashta Gandha or roli
  5. Dry coconut and desserts
  6. Akshat
  7. A glass of water
  8. Moong lentil
  9. Dry turmeric pieces
  10. Crude yarn
  11. Badkula festoon
  12. Grains

Pooja Vidhi of Lord Narsimha Puja at Holi

  1. As a matter of first importance, light the earthen light and dhoop stick.
  2. Do love of Lord Ganesha first. Take some blossom, rice and water close by and recollect Lord Ganesha. You can serenade mantra “ॐ गं गणपतये नमः” (Om GanGanpataye Namah). Supplicate him to help you to finish your holi puja calmly. Show light and dhoop to him. Offer Tilak, desserts, coconut and water to him.
  3. In the next step, you may serenade Lord Narsimha names rather than any related mantra. Show light and dhoop to them. Offer tilak, coconut, desserts and water to them.
  4. In the other next step, Show light and dhoop to Holika. Implore, “A few people made you because of consistent dread of parasitic devils. Along these lines, I love you. I look for flourishing, riches and influence for me.”
  5. At that point offer rice, blossom, desserts, coconut, turmeric pieces, moong lentils and bad Kula to her.
  6. Additionally circumambulator and tie 1 axle of crude yarn around Holika. (keep one crude yarn shaft in your puja thail to take it to your home).
  7. Presently offer water to her. Discharge your glass of water before Holika.

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