Lord Hanuman Puja to remove Fear

Lord Hanuman Puja to remove Fear

Lord Hanuman is considered as encapsulation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman is effectively to remove any kind of fear in your life. Lord Hanuman speaks to Consciousness – very developed prana or life vitality. He is extremely basic and merciful; yet he is likewise effective and brave. He never wavers to offer the snappiest and the most plenteous advantages to his enthusiast. Master Hanuman makes one overcome and daring.

Lord Hanuman Puja to remove Fear

Pooja Vidhi of Hanuman Puja –

Hanuman Puja, any Tuesday can be done on the night of Tuesday. Sitting on the south side, sit and sit After installing a Hanuman idol on the red clothes in front of you, after worshiping jasmine perfume, vermilion, red flower, gram flour and fruit etc., after lighting the oil and lukewarm incense of oil, and 21 beats from the coral reef. In the end chanting these mantra and distribute the Bondi Prashad.

Ii Om Hanumate Namah Ii

Ii Hang Pawan Nandnaay Swaahaa Ii

Ii Hang Hanumate Rudraatmakaay Hung Phatt Ii

Advantages of Hanuman Puja –

  1. Hanuman Pooja defeats the challenges or issues one may experience in getting a desire satisfied.
  2. Itis accepted to dissipate apparitions and spirits and avoid diseases, for example, fever and epilepsy. Itis likewise utilized for accomplishing physical quality, stamina and power.
  3. Itserves to rapidly take care of the issues of life, for example, issues in wedded life, obligation issues, mental aggravations and distress, and so forth.

Significant of Hanuman Puja-

Hanuman poojafavours one with the characteristics of boldness and certainty, upsets the endeavours of one’s adversaries and guarantees achievement, reinforces the resistant framework and favours one with a long life. By droning the Hanuman mantraday by day, one ends up noticeably dynamic and lively and doesn’t encounter apathy in doing any work.

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