Laghu Rudra and Maha Rudra Puja


Why should you go through the difficult, bad luck and unwanted problems? If organized Laghu Rudra and Rudra Puja can bring ultimate peace and joy to your life. If you do not know about it then, you are at the right place.

Here, we are going to tell everything about it. Let’s check it out.

What is all about Laghu Rudra and Rudra Puja?

Rudra means Lord Shankar who is the origin of the whole world. Laghu Rudra and Rudra puja are associated to Lord Shankar. Apart from it, Lord Shankar is one and only God who can be pleased within no time. He is full of compassion and love for their devotees.

Lord Shankar removes all kind of negativity from life. If you have been facing any kind of problem in your life, this puja is very beneficial for you. This puja is considered essential to overcame all these difficult situations. It takes only a day to organize this puja.

Benefits of Laghu Rudra and Rudra Puja

These are the major benefits of Laghu Rudra and Rudra puja.

  1. It fetches joy to the house.
  2. It provides you lot of prosperity, well-being, positive energy, good health, and joy.
  3. It brings in your life all kind of inner peace, fulfilments, and desires.
  4. The individual who performs this puja gets blessed with the divine power and blessings of Lord Shankar.
  5. You get success in marital life, education, business, love life, job, career and other fields.
  6. The negative waves, evil eyes, and harmful powers will stay away from you.
  7. You find inner peace and joy in your life.
  8. Those who perform this puja find themselves more positive and powerful in comparison to enemies.

Laghu Rudra and Maha Rudra Puja Cost

You can perform Laghu Rudra and Maha Rudra Puja with following numbers of Chants:

Puja Chants Cost in INR Cost in USD
11000 11000 $171
27000 17000 $264
51000 31000 $481
125000 51000 $791

What Laghu Rudra and Maha Rudra Puja Cost includes?

Complete Laghu Rudra and Maha Rudra Puja Cost include Following:

Puja Product + Pandit (Sadhu) Cost + Mantra Cost + Prasad Cost + Courier Charges.

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