Katyayani Tabiz

tabiz with kamal gatta

Katyayani Tabiz associated to Maa Katyayani. Maa Katyayani, known as the queen of Vraj, is one of the nine avatars of goddess Durga. Katyayani Tabiz is relevant for unmarried people who get marriage timely. She remove all kind of issues in your marriage life.

If you are having manglik dosh in your kundali, you should carrying the Katyayani Tabiz. Katyayani Tabiz removing all obstacles. This Tabiz is carrying by everyone. The process of this Tabiz is very simple. It give you the best blessing from the goddesses Katyayani.

Katyayani tabiz

Mantra For Katyayani Tabiz

In this section, 2 mantra for Katyayani Tabiz are being described below. You must chanting these mantra for at least 108 times. Let’s check it out.

1st Mantra

“Hey Gauri Shankaradhan Yatha Twam Shankarpriya

Tatha Man Kuru Kalyani Kantkantan Sudurlabham ”

2nd Mantra

“Om Katyayani Mahabhage Mahayoginy Adhishvarim

Nand Gop Sutam Devi Patiam Me Kurute Namah

Benefits Of Katyayani Tabiz

In this section, benefits of Katyayani Tabiz are being described below. Let’s check it out.

  1. If you are not getting married easily, you should carry Katyayani Tabiz.
  2. In order to get a best partner according to you.
  3. This Tabiz should be help to find suitable husband for you.
  4. It is most suitable for reducing the Doshas of planets in your Kundali.
  5. It ensures happiness, harmony and peace in your marriage life.
  6. It also begets a kid quickly to married couples.
  7. It removing all the black magic and mal effect of unwanted planets.
  8. It is done to get a happy and peaceful married life in the future.

If you are facing problems related to married, you should wear this Tabiz. Katyayani Tabiz bring happiness, peace of mind, trust and love in your marriage life.

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