Kamal Gatta Mala


Kamal Gatta mala is a combination of rosary seeds.

kamal-gatta-malaThis mala is believed to be very auspicious as the legend says it removes all sort of curse which are affecting your life though generation and generation in relation of poverty.

This is symbolic to goddess Laxmi, who represents the wealth and money.

The use of these mala is very simple just sit in an ideal position hold the mala in one hand end with each bead chant mantra of Laxmi mata to attract her blessings.

Benefits Kamal Gatta Mala

  • Open different areas for wealth attraction.
  • Benefits those who are in business.
  • Protects your wealth especially used by jewelers and others.
  • Promotes mental peace and concentration as well.

Kamal Gatta Mala for Money Problem

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