Kamakhya Yantra

Kamakhya Yantra Puja

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What is Kamakhya Yantra?

Kamakhya Yantra is spiritual brass gold plated Yantra of Goddess Kamakhya, as there if not any face of Goddess Kamakhya, so you can place this yantra in any Kamakhya Devi Puja.

At this Yantra Kamakhya Devi Beej Mantra and Pranam Mantra are written, so you can place this yantra with other yantras also in any puja ritual.

Kamakhya Yantra is a depiction of the power of Maa Kamakhya Devi and is used to please her. This yantra is geometrical representation of Kamakhya Devi portrait etched on yantra and one secret diagram that is energized by the powerful mantra of Kamakhya Devi.

Kamakhya Yantra is made of pure gold plated copper with long-lasting luster and superfine engraving. This yantra should be placed either in home or office facing east direction, so that its positive effects can be increased.

Significance of Kamakhya Yantra

  • This yantra is very powerful, if worshipped on daily basis helps remove ill effects of spirits, negative energy and disperse positive energy in home or offices, thus positive energy helps to attain success in every undertaking, business or effort.
  • This yantra is very beneficial in getting wished love, maintaining a healthy marriage and love relationship. The power of Vashikaran method can be increased to get a positive Vashikaran result.
  • This yantra also keeps you away from involving in any lawsuit or court issue. Kamakhya yantra has the strength that increases the carnal power in human beings.
  • Brings this yantra in today and feel the power of this yantra and get the blessing of Maa Kamakhya Devi.

Kamakhya Yantra

Benefits of Kamakhya Yantra

If you worship Kamakhya Yantra with the complete ritual then you will get following benefits:

  • Kamakhya Yantra Energized by the Kamakhya Beej Mantra and Pranam Mantra and it can help you to achieve your desire.
  • Kamakhya Yantra absorbs all type of Negative energy and produce positive energy.
  • Kamakhya Yantra protects you from any type of Evil spirits and evil eye.
  • This Yantra is very helpful for the students and it increases thoughts and learning power and removes all fear.
  • After Energizing, this Yantra helps in attraction and relationship problems.
  • If your business or shop is not getting profit then place this yantra at your business or shop location it will help in success.

How to Worship Kamakhya Yantra?

You can worship or place Kamakhya yantra by following methods:

  • Always worship Kamakhya Yantra either Friday or Monday.
  • First, you need to energize this Yantra by the Ganga Jal or Kamakhya Jal.
  • During Energize Process or Placing Chant Kamakhya Beej Mantra 108 times.
  • Always place or hang Kamakhya Yantra in east direction and mouth will be in west direction.
  • You can place Kamakhya Yantra in your Home Temple.
  • You can place Kamakhya yantra in your business place or shop.
  • You can hang the Kamakhya Yantra at desire places like: home, Vehicle, office, shop, education room etc.

Kamakhya Beej Mantra

Kamakhya Devi Beej mantra is: “Kshaun (क्षौं)”

Mantra to Chant during Kamakhya Yantra Pujan

“Om Hreem Kleem Kamakhyae Namah”

How to Buy Kamakhya Yantra?

  • If you are Indian customer then you can buy Kamakhya Yantra by making payment via payment links through your Debit/Credit/Net Banking or via transfer in our bank account.
  • But if you are outside India customer then you can buy Kamakhya Yantra by making payment through Western Union Money Transfer.

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