Kamakhya Vastra

Kamakhya Vastra

What is Kamakhya Vastra ?

Kamakhya Devi temple is one of the famous Shakti Peeth in India and it has great significance in Hindu Religion. Kamakhya Devi is known kind to her worshipper and pilgrims of temple and bestows blessing on them.

Kamakhya Devi is present in the form of female Yoni (Vagina) in the temple. It is believed that once lord Shiva was carrying dead body of his consort named Sati on her Soldiers, the yoni of sati fell a place, this placed is known as Kamakhya Devi and described in Hindu Text Books.

Kamakhya Vastra

The stone statue in the shape of vagina is located in a depth place called Garbh Grah. An annual festival named Ambubachi is celebrated in the month of Asad (june) every year. It is said in the Asad month maa kamakhya devi menstruates and her temple is closed for three days.

Before her menstruation a white cloth is worn to her and it turns red after menstrual discharge. This red cloth is called the Ang Vastra of Maa Kamakhya Devi and is given to pilgrims and worshipper of Maa as Prasad.

Ang Vastra of Maa has great importance to get Tantric Siddhi and a lot of Tantriks & pilgrimages throng in the temple every year to get the Ang Vastra of Kamakhya Devi. This Ang Vastra is very auspicious and fulfils all carnal and materialistic desire of one who has and worship it.

We get the original Ang Vastra of Kamakhya Devi from her temple every year for our beloved customers and clients to get blessing of Maa and fulfilled their every desire.

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