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What is Kamakhya Vastra (Cloth)?

Kamakhya Vastra is an auspicious Prasad of Goddess Kamakhya, and it obtains during Ambubachi Mela (Ambubasi Mela).

Kamakhya Vastra distributed among all devotees in every year in June Month, and this Vastra is very auspicious and useful for any puja path anusthan.

History of Kamakhya Vastra

  • Kamakhya Devi temple is one of the famous Shakti Peeth in India and it has great significance in Hindu Religion. Kamakhya Devi is known kind to her worshipper and pilgrims of temple and bestows blessing on them.
  • Kamakhya Devi is present in the form of female Yoni (Vagina) in the temple. It is believed that once lord Shiva was carrying dead body of his consort named Sati on her Soldiers, the yoni of sati fell a place, this placed is known as Kamakhya Devi and described in Hindu Text Books.
  • The stone statue in the shape of vagina is located in a depth place called Garbh Grah. An annual festival named Ambubachi is celebrated in the month of Asad (june) every year. It is said in the Asad month maa kamakhya devi menstruates and her temple is closed for three days.
  • Before her menstruation a white cloth is worn to her and it turns red after menstrual discharge. This red cloth is called the Ang Vastra of Maa Kamakhya Devi and is given to pilgrims and worshipper of Maa as Prasad.
Kamakhya Vastra

Original Kamakhya Vastra with Kalawa

Significance of Kamakhya Vastra

  • Ang Vastra of Maa has great importance to get Tantric Siddhi and a lot of Tantriks & pilgrimages throng in the temple every year to get the Ang Vastra of Kamakhya Devi.
  • This Ang Vastra is very auspicious and fulfils all carnal and materialistic desire of one who has and worship it.

We get the original Ang Vastra of Kamakhya Devi from her temple every year for our beloved customers and clients to get blessing of Maa and fulfilled their every desire.

Benefits of Kamakhya Vastra

If you worship or use Kamakhya Vastra then you will get following benefits:

  • In ladies mensuration problems it is very useful.
  • It helps in Childless Problems.
  • For any problem solution of Ladies Kamakhya Vastra Pujan is very beneficial.
  • It helps to solves all types if Marriage related problems.
  • In love and attraction Kamakhya Vastra very useful.
  • With the help of Kamakhya Vastra any type of relationship problem can be solved.
  • To bring happiness and love in husband and wife or your loved one or marital life worship of Kamakhya Cloth is very beneficial.
  • In money and finance problem Kamakhya Cloth pujan brings positive results.
  • For any type of Evil Spirit, Evil Eye or black magic related can be solved by the worship of Kamakhya Cloth.

How to use or worship Kamakhya Vastra?

  • Always start using Kamakhya Vastra or Cloth from Monday or Friday.
  • Before using it make it pure and siddh (Energize).
  • By inserting this cloth in Tabiz you can wear in your neck or tie in hand.
  • You can place this Vastra in your temple and worship it daily.
  • You can hang the kamakhya cloth by keeping it in empty yantra frame.
  • Also you can use this Vastra in many ways as per your problems.

Kamakhya Vastra Mantra for Chanting During Use 

“Kamakhye Varde Neel Parwata Wasini

Tva Devi Jagat Mata Yonimudre Namostute”

How to buy Kamakhya Vastra?

  • If you are Indian Customer then you can buy this Vastra by making Payment either Online through Payment Link or via Transfer in our Bank Account.
  • But if you from other than India Countries customer then you can buy Kamakhya Vastra by making payment through Western Union Money transfer.

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