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Original Kamakhya Sindoor

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What is Kamakhya Sindoor?

Kamakhya Sindoor is also Called Kamiya or Kamya Sindoor. Kamakhya Sinoor is an auspicious Prasad of Goddess Kamakhya Devi Temple which one obtains from Ambubachi Mela (Ambubasi Mela) held every year at Kamakhya Temple.

Every year in June Month Ambubachi Mela celebrated at temple and during this time Kamakhya Temples door closed and after that Kamakhya Sindoor distributed as Prasad to devotees.

Original Kamakhya Sindoor

Original Kamakhya Sindoor

Significance of Kamakhya Sindoor

Kamakhya is a Shakti peeth or Devi, whose temple is situated in Guwahati, Assam. Kamakhya Devi is known for power, strength and fulfilment.

Kamakhya is a Sanskrit word which means “fulfiller of all Desires”. So this sindoor fulfills all the desire of those who apply this sindoor on his forehead or use in worshipping of god and goddess.

All the Tantrik worship her and use Kamakhy Sindoor because it is very powerful and increases the power of Tantrik Shakti and Vashikaran.

Positive uses of this sindoor bring in peace in family, good relationship between husband and wife, cordial relation between friends, family and relatives. This sindoor also wards off the negative effects of spirits and ghost and gets rid of litigation and court cases.

Properties of Kamakhya Sindoor

You can identify original Kamakhya Sindoor by following ways:

  • Its original form is solid rock not powder.
  • Its original Color is Reddish (Mix or Red and Black).
  • Its color not as normal sindoor.
  • There are very small sparkles in this.
Siddh kamiya-sindoor

Rock Solid form Kamakhya Sindoor with Sparkle

What are the Benefits of Kamakhya Sindoor?

There are lots of benefits of Kamakhya Sindoor, you can use this by making energized from appropriate chants to obtain your desire. There are following benefits of Kamakhya Sindoor:

  • It helps in all type of marriage related problems.
  • In delay in marriage solution it helps.
  • All Dosha present in birth chart it removes their effects and Dosha also.
  • It removes all Business problems and brings new opportunities.
  • It helps to short out your debts.
  • It removes money and finance related problems.
  • It helps in all types of court case and legal matters.
  • It helps to get solve all types of Love and Relationship Problems.
  • It removes all type of Evil spirits, Evil Eye and Black Magic.
  • It helps in Education and Job problems.
  • If you are suffering from health problems then Kamakhya Sindoor use will beneficial for you.
  • For Vashikaran and Attraction peoples use Maa Kamakhya Sindoor.

How to Use Maa Kamakhya Sindoor?

You can use Maa Kamakhya Sindoor in following ways:

  • You can use Maa Kamakhya Sindoor after grinding it in to powder and mix some other puja products and then make tilak at your forehead.
  • You can also apply the paste of Kamakhya Sindoor at your body, for any health and evil eye related problems.
  • Ladies can apply Kamakhya Sindoor powder by mixing it in normal sindoor for the long life and prosperity of their husband.
  • You can place stone form of Kamakhya Sindoor in your Home Temple and worship it with Vedic rituals.
  • By insert the Kamakhya Sindoor in Tabiz you can wear it.

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Kamakhya Devi Mantra

Kamakhye Varde Devi Neel Parvata Vasini | Tvam Devi Jagat Mata Yoni Mudre Namostute||

Kamakhye Kamsampanne Kameshwari Haripriye | Kaamnaam Dehi Me Nitya Kaameshwari Namostute||

How to Buy Kamakhya Sindoor?

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