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What is Kamakhya Kada?

Kamakhya Devi Kada is one of the very auspicious and powerful Bangles that have the inscription of Kamakhya Devi Mantra on it.

This Kada is first energized with the power of Kamakhya Devi mantra and worship, and then it is given to wearing for people.


Kamakhya Kada

Kamakhya Kada

Significance of Kamakhya Kada

This Kada is made to always keep the blessing or Kamakhya Devi on Wearing this Kada Helps remove all the difficulties and obstacles from its wearer and increases his or her personality, merit and characteristics in such a way that any person gets attracted towards its wearer.

This Kada also gets success to its wearer in every deed that he or she gets hands on.

It is very helpful in keeping off all ill effects of negative power of this universe from its wearer.

Benefits of Kamakhya Kada

You will get following benefits if you wear the Kamakhya Kada:

  • It provides the blessing of Goddess Kamakhya to wearer.
  • It protects from any kind of Evil Eye or Najar Dosh to wearer.
  • It protects from any kind of Negative Energy or outer Energy.
  • It is very helpful to remove any type of the black magic or negative energy.
  • It brings luck and prosperity to wearer.
  • It helps in all type of the relationship problems.
  • In health problems it is also helpful.

The Kamakhya Devi Mantra is as follow:

“Aum Kamakhyam Kamasamapannam Kamesvari Harapriyam
Kamanam Dehi Me Nityam Kamesvari Namoustu te”

The mantra that is engraved on Kada means the distinguished source of fulfillment of all desires.

How to wear Kamakhya Kada?

Process to Use Kamakhya Kada:

  • Open the Kamakhya Kada from the Packet,
  • Take some Ganga Jal, dip the whole Kada in the Ganga water,
  • Put it on red cloth till water dry,
  • Take moli (Kalawa) by chanting the Mantra on given at Kada wrap the moli over kada and bind it tight.
  • Again by Chanting Mantra wear it in left hand.

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